Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Reason to Follow Us on Twitter

Howdy folks,

We gotta get going. Our motto is "Saving the World One Burger at a Time", and we know that you, our followers are rabid about our Burger Love, but if we're going to save the world with Burger Love, we gotta get more followers to spread the word. We need Billions & Billions of followers if we hope to affect global change through Burger Love. We'll we know we can't get people to follow us by making empty promises and offering you nothing in return for your loyalty. After all we're not the Republiucan Party or the Catholic church or some other salacious, falacious organization. We're Frites'N'Meats damnit, and like all "political" organizations (if Tea can have it's own party, why cant Burger Love), we believe in the timelessness of quid pro quo, to get something you gotta give something. So we decided to provide you with the greatest reason to sign up for our Twitter feed.

Every week we will give away a free lunch to a different Twitter Frites'N'Meats subscriber. You sign up once, you have 52 chances a year to win free lunch. 52 chances a year. Every year. Forever. How cool is that. Who wouldnt want to look forward to winning some killer Burger Love week after week after week.

We will notify the each week's winner with a direct message on Twitter over the weekend. They will have to bring the direct message to our 21-foot monster of Burger Love to claim their Free Lunch.

So what do you have to do? You, the already signed up, need do nothing. Youre already entered in perpetuity. But to further the cause of Burger Love and help us in our World-saving efforts, you must tell your friends, and then make them tell their friends, and so on. We must be bigger than those Tea Bag Party people (tongue in cheek intended). Lets see that Twitter total start spinning like a cartoon odometer.

This week you can find us in our established haunts:
Mon & Thurs - Water St & Broad St in FiDi (11am - 2ish)
Tues & Fri - Greenwich St & Chambers St in Tribeca (11am - 730pm)
Wed - 48th St between 6th & 7th Ave, closer to 6th (11am - 2ish)
Dinner - Every day 3pm - 7:30pm in Tribeca (follow us on Twitter for our exact location

Today's Burger of the Week is called Marital Bliss. Because like in any marraige, sometimes it takes and odd combination of ingredients to come up with something beautiful.
This week's burger is:
A well seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty
Cream Cheese
Jalapeno Pepers
Applewood-smoked Double Thick Bacon

That's about it amigos. Have a great week, and remember sign up for the Burger Love party. It's a lot more fun than being a Tea Bag.

V & A

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