Monday, April 12, 2010

The Week That Was, Another Winner & The Week Ahead

Howdy Amigos,

Looks like we've got a mighty fine week ahead of us. Nice weather. No rain in the forecast. The Burger Gods are smiling on us.

We had a hell of a week. It seems week after week, Burger Love in NYC is growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes it grows so fast we can't keep up. That was the case this past weekend in MIDTOWN. The weather was perfect, we were in our spot on 48th & 6th, we were ready...or so we thought. The phone started ringing off the hook. in our effort to please all our customers we started taking preorders at 11am. By the time we were done taking preorders at 1130, we had 48 orders that were going to be picked up by 1230. This wouldnt have been a problem. However, this being MIDTOWN, where it seems our most rabid fans spend their time, by noon, we had a line of at least 30 people. This also was not a problem. Indeed this gets us really juiced. We love seeing our fans come out. Then, however, we had a little grill fire. This was a bit of a problem. This last thing, put us a bit behind the ball. We saw some of you leave because you couldnt wait so long. We are very very sorry about that. It is always our goal to get you the best burger possible in the shortest amount possible. And for a little while on Wednesday, we werent doing that very well. To all those that either waited a long time to get their lunch or just couldn't wait anymore, we apologize BIG TIME!!!! We promise that will not happen again. We have taken steps to ensure that. But, as the say, the proof is in the pudding, or in our case, in the Burger. So, MIDTOWN, come out this Wednesday and see the results!!!

Wednesday, however, wasnt all bad. One great thing did come out of it. The Wall Street Journal contacted us, and will be doing a write up of us for their new New York Metro edition (dont know if theyre calling it that). We will be in the first edition of this new section. Its supposed to appear during the last week of April.

We've got our second Weekly Twitter Free Lunch Winner!!!! This winner is from Tribeca, and we hope he'll be coming by either Tuesday or Friday to pick up his Free Burger Love!!!
Congraulations to our second winner,

Jose Pablo Rodriguez

We look forward to having hundreds and hundreds of weekly winners for many years to come. As you know, this is the easiest contest to enter and the one that gives you the most chances to win. 52 chances to win every year. All you have to do is sign up for our Twitter Feed at By the looks of it, quite a few are in the hunt for the Free Burger Love but we'd love to see many more. Please tell your friends, I'm sure they'll appreciate you spreading word of Burger Love. I know we certainly do.

Our schedule this week is the following:
Mon & Thurs - Broad St & Greenwich St in FiDi
Tues & Fri - Greenwich St & Chambers St in Tribeca
Wed - 48th St & 6th Ave in MIDTOWN
Dinner Service - Everyday after 3pm in Tribeca. Ideally on Greenwich & Chambers, but if the toothless ice cream guy is not cooperating, we'll end up on Warren & West Bway

This week The Burger of the Week is The Oinker!!! This was the first of our legendary Burger's of the Week. And once you taste it, you will certainly give it star billing in your personal Burger Pantheon
A well seasoned Neiman Ranch pork patty
Applewood-smoked, double thick bacon
Gruyere Cheese
Sassy Roasted Red Pepper Aioli

That's about it, have a great week, and remember, make it better with Burger Love.

V & A

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