Monday, May 10, 2010

Let Love Rule, Weekly Schedule & The Italian Job

Howdy All,

Last week many you may have heard about a little brouhaha between us and the fine gentlemen of the venerable Schnitz-mobile. We screamed, we yelled, we stomped our feet. Bascially we bahaved either like a couple of children or an old married couple, depending on how you choose to look at it. Naturally in the end we kissed and made up (without the kissing part). We apologize for airing our laundry in public, and as Oleg (the Schnitzmeister General) said "That which does not kill Burger Love & Schnitzification, only makes Burger Love & Schnitzification stronger". Well he might not have said that exact thing, but that was his sentiment ;) We've enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Schnitzel Kings since before we started spreading Burger Love and have helped each other on many occassions. But as inevitably happens with all friends, you get into a little tiff. That's what happened between us. Who's right, who's wrong? That's irrlevant. What's important is your two favorite Trucksters are back and fully focused on the most important task at hand - bringing you the best vittles in NYC.

So now that we've put that bit of needless stuff behind us, on to the weekly stuff:

Our schedule this week is a little bit fluid. We're going to have to change Tuesday location of 52nd & Park to Monday's on 52nd & Lex. The Rafiqi Halal boys felt that we were cutting a bit much into their biz and we do not want to rock the boat, so we're moving down the block. Tuesday becomes an uncertain day. This week, were going to try either around the Empire State Building or possibly in the low 40s around Bryant Park. Stay tuned...

Mon - 52nd St. & Lexington Ave. (Midtown East)
Tues - TBD (follow us on Twitter)
Wed - 48th St. & 6th Ave. (Midtown West)
Thurs - Broad St. & Water St. (FiDi)
Fri - Park Ave. between 26th & 27th St
Sat - Greenwich St & Duane St (Tribeca)
Sun - TBD (follow us on Twitter)

Our Burger of the Week this week is The Italian Job
A Seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty
Mozarella, Parmesan & Gorganzola Cheese Spread
Applewood-smoked Thick-cut Bacon
Salsa Verde on your choice of bun

The dessert this week continues to be the Cherry, Walnut Brioche Bread Pudding with Godiva Liquor & Vanilla Cream Sauce. You've voted with your stomachs and who are we to argue with that.

We hope to see you at one of our locations. Thank you all very much and please dont forget to nominate us for the Vendy Awards at

Much Burger Love,

V & A

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