Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thak You Gilt City

First, this week's schedule (11/1 - 11/5)

Lunch 11 AM - 3PM Dinner (4PM - 8PM)

(Lunch) 46th St between 5th & 6th Ave (Midtown West)
Mon (Dinner) 14th St between 3rd & 4th Ave (front of Trader Joes)

Tues (Lunch) 52nd St & Park Ave (Midtown East)
Tues (Dinner) 14th St between 3rd & 4th Ave (front of Trader Joes)

Wed (Lunch) Water St and Broad Street (FiDi)
Wed (Dinner) Chambers & Greenwich (Tribeca)

Thu (Lunch) Park Ave & 26th St
Thu (Dinner) Chambers & Greenwich (Tribeca)

Fri (Lunch) Water St and Broad Street (FiDi)
(Dinner) Chambers & Greenwich (Tribeca)

Thanks to Gilt City for an awesome week!! The turn out last Wednesday was overwhelming - much Burger Love to the gang at Gilt...they really know how to put together an event with class. If you like Good Stuff, you will Love Gilt City - go sign up now!

You Burger aficionados loved last week's new addition - The Bymark.
Your enthusiasm has inspired us to create a new addition to the Burger of the Week lineup - The Spicy Jazz. The Spicy Jazz is filled with lively ingredients that will light your mouth on fire!

Here's to a great week!!

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