Monday, January 17, 2011

Hope Everyone is staying Dry out there....

First, our schedule for the week (1/19 - 1/21)

Lunch (11AM - 3PM) Dinner (4PM - 8PM)


Wed (Lunch) Hudson & King Street (SoHo)
Wed (Dinner) Warren & Greenwich St (Tribeca)

Thu (Lunch) Amsterdam Ave & 116th Street (Uptown)
Thu (Dinner) Warren & Greenwich St (Tribeca)

Fri (Lunch) Water & Broad (FiDi)
Fri (Dinner) Warren & Greenwich St (Tribeca)

Hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend and enjoyed some good football!

The Burger Of The Week - The Italian Job...Seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty,Mozarella, Gorgonzola & Parmesan Spread,Applewood-smoked Thick-cut Bacon, & Salsa Verde.

We will also have our delicious Homemade Dessert Treats and Soups!

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You can view our website,, via a smartphone.
From there, a map will appear with our current location.
You can also clearly view our blog for schedule and menu and rate your experience with us!
We look forward to hearing what you think.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hi, will you ever make it to the upper east side? (around 86th street) Thanks so much.

  2. Hi - we were considering making a move up there but given the recent developments with Paty's Taco (see below link), we do not think it would be a wise idea. It would be disrespectful to Patys. It also doesn't appear that the community there is too receptive to Gourmet Food Trucks...but things could change.

    Thanks for following our Blog and the recommendation - stay warm.