Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi Everyone -
We did not mean to go stealth on everyone over the last few days, we have tried to respond to a few emails but they have been overwhelming.
Our primary concern is for Mohamed's (Moody) health.
We have been keeping him up to speed on all the support we have been recieving via twitter, email & voice mails.
He asked that we tweet out to everyone his appreciation and that he can't wait to see everyone again...he really misses the truck, we all miss the truck but we are all happy that we have each other's company...we are all happy that we can talk to each other....we are just happy it was not a lot worse.

Fellow Food Truckers such as Schnitzel & Things, Mexicue, Rickshaw & others have offered to donate a percentage of today's sales to help rebuild Frites'N'Meats.
Our fans, Food Truckers in LA & some folks we never even meant have offered to help and want us back on the road.
This is why NYC is really the best place in the the time of need everyone wants to help, so much so that you don't even know how to accept all that help.

A close friend of ours opened up a paypal account to accept donations and set up an email account for inquiries on the rebuilding efforts, it is We believe this is the best way to accept support from everyone, as it allows for transparency & accountability.
We cannot just accept funds from people & not have it accounted for.
We will have a third party account for all the funds received and confirm they are used to rebuild Frites'N'Meats.
In the event funds are left over, we would donate them to local charities & schools we have donated to in the past.

We will provide additional detail as time passes by & we can't wait to see you all again.

Thank you everyone for all the love & support.
Hiassam, Ali & Moody.

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