Monday, August 8, 2011

Maybe A Bit Too Ambitious

Maybe today's plans of hitting all five spots were a bit too ambitious!
Finding parking and the traffic only gets worse as the day progresses & we almost ran out of Frites!

It was great to see some old friends at 52nd & 6th ave and 26th & Park ave!! Lots of fun!!

But no worries SoHo, FiDi & TriBeCa; we will get you.
SoHo & TriBeCa will get their Thank You Free Frites on Wednesday & FiDi will get theirs on Friday! (now that plan sounds a bit more manageable :)

Here is our intended schedule for the rest of the week:
It will be a full menu + Thank You Free Frites where indicated.

Wed Lunch + Thank You Free Frites (11am - 2pm) Hudson & King (hopefully we find parking)
Wed Dinner + Thank You Free Frites (4pm - 8pm) Greenwich & Warren

Thu Lunch (11am - 3pm) New Spot: LIC Lot at 43-29 Crescent Street; come hungry Citigroup!!

Fri Lunch + Thank You Free Frites (11am - 2pm) Water & Broad St
Fri Dinner (4pm - 8pm) Greenwich & Warren

But what is the schedule without our Burger Of The Week!
This week's BOTW is The Ploughman - Seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty, Gruyere & Cheddar Cheese, Savory Onion Jam & Homemade Sassy Slaw.

We will still be taking pre-orders; just call us at 917.292.9226

We hope to continue seeing many of our old friends :)
As always....Have a Great Week everyone!


  1. Dear Beloved Crew/Gawds of Frites'n Meats: We, the lowly peeps at Broad and Water street, mised you terribly! We are thrilled you are back, and the entire crew is looking forward to supporting you, and to having a seriously delicious burger!

    With love, and gastronomical 'xpectations,
    CAT WOMAN ;)

  2. Thank You for that awesome message...feels good.
    With Much Burger LOVE :)