Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giving Thanks

Hi All  -

There is no better time than now to reflect on what we have and how we can help those in need.
As tens of thousands of people are still displaced by Hurricane Sandy, the folks that have to give are stepping up and giving back to those that need it.

Whether it is by way of financial contributions, goods and services or just emotional support, people the exchange is happening and the love is felt.

There are many ways to help, starting with the The Mayor's Fund To Advance NYC.

Also, many private entities, including yours truly (so please help out too) have donated money, services and product to help.
For example,  Liberty Mutual sponsored thousands of meals last week to folks all over NYC.

Thomson Reuters has sponsored 2,000 meals to distribute at locations sheltering displaced folks.
This Wednesday, Thomson Reuters is sponsoring 1,000 meals in the Rockaways (details to follow via twitter)

So this year, we are giving thanks to our family, friends and all of our fans.
We are also giving thanks for being in the position to be able to help out others in need as well.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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