Sunday, January 22, 2017

Schedule for week of 1/23/17

First, our schedule for the week (1/23-1/27)
Mon-  off the road
Tue -  off the road 
Wed- 11am-2:30pm Hudson & King st (soho
Thu- 11am-2:30pm dumbo (Brooklyn) 
Fri-   11am-2:30pm 7 Hanover sq. (FIDI

This week's BOTW -   The BYMARK - Seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty with Brie cheese, sliced grilled mushrooms, Garlicky Lemon Aioli your choice of bun. 

You can always place your order 10-15 minutes prior to pick up.
Place your Pre-order at 917.292.9226 
If you are having a party at home or at the office, we can come on by to cater in the big Orange & Yellow Truck with all our goodies. Email us at for catering :)


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