Monday, December 14, 2009


So I'm sitting at Katz's on Saturday afternoon thinking about the past week, the milestones we passed (4,000 burgers sold, our first 10 burger eater), and about how wonderful this past week's Burger of the Week, The Oinker, was and what am I gonna come up with to surpass it. I'm sitting there deep in thought. Sitting, thinking, and eating God's perfect sandwich - Katz's Pastrami on Rye, when it hits me. This is it! This is next week's Burger of the Week!!!

We're gonna take some Debragga & Spitler grassfed Angus, top it with some Katz's pastrami, melt some Murray's gruyere on it and top it off with some zesty slaw. God damn that sounds good.

And thus The Noo Yawkah was born. Come down this week and show us if you're a Noo Yawkah who can handle The Noo Yawkah.

Have a good one and may all your burgers be great burgers.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hittin' The Road

No, no, no, we're not leaving our beloved Tribeca, so no panicky phone calls please :) We're just hittin' the road, as in doing delivery. Now that its getting colder, we know it's less fun to be standing outside waiting for that piece of grilled meaty goodness. But nonetheless, we know you want it. So we're gonna bring it to you.

We started doing it last week, and this week with some improvement in delivery supplies, we promise to get it to you faster and hotter. Sorry about that a couple times last week. So avoid the cold and just give us a holler. 917.292.9226

I know youre saying, "Delivery, that's great, but the reason Im reading this is to find out what the Burger of the Week is, dammit"

Ok, ok, hold your horses. This week's Burger of the Week is The Oinker. Ahhhh, your eyes roll back, you start to drool, you start to fantasize about what is this bit of porcine goodness. Well, let me tell you. The Oinker is:
Niman Ranch Seasoned Pork Patty
Double Cut Thick Bacon
Gruyere Cheese
Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Aioli
on Your Choice of Bun.

Oh Yeah!!!! You know that's gonna be monster good!!!

Well gotta go, gettin' hungry.