Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Reason to Follow Us on Twitter

Howdy folks,

We gotta get going. Our motto is "Saving the World One Burger at a Time", and we know that you, our followers are rabid about our Burger Love, but if we're going to save the world with Burger Love, we gotta get more followers to spread the word. We need Billions & Billions of followers if we hope to affect global change through Burger Love. We'll we know we can't get people to follow us by making empty promises and offering you nothing in return for your loyalty. After all we're not the Republiucan Party or the Catholic church or some other salacious, falacious organization. We're Frites'N'Meats damnit, and like all "political" organizations (if Tea can have it's own party, why cant Burger Love), we believe in the timelessness of quid pro quo, to get something you gotta give something. So we decided to provide you with the greatest reason to sign up for our Twitter feed.

Every week we will give away a free lunch to a different Twitter Frites'N'Meats subscriber. You sign up once, you have 52 chances a year to win free lunch. 52 chances a year. Every year. Forever. How cool is that. Who wouldnt want to look forward to winning some killer Burger Love week after week after week.

We will notify the each week's winner with a direct message on Twitter over the weekend. They will have to bring the direct message to our 21-foot monster of Burger Love to claim their Free Lunch.

So what do you have to do? You, the already signed up, need do nothing. Youre already entered in perpetuity. But to further the cause of Burger Love and help us in our World-saving efforts, you must tell your friends, and then make them tell their friends, and so on. We must be bigger than those Tea Bag Party people (tongue in cheek intended). Lets see that Twitter total start spinning like a cartoon odometer.

This week you can find us in our established haunts:
Mon & Thurs - Water St & Broad St in FiDi (11am - 2ish)
Tues & Fri - Greenwich St & Chambers St in Tribeca (11am - 730pm)
Wed - 48th St between 6th & 7th Ave, closer to 6th (11am - 2ish)
Dinner - Every day 3pm - 7:30pm in Tribeca (follow us on Twitter for our exact location

Today's Burger of the Week is called Marital Bliss. Because like in any marraige, sometimes it takes and odd combination of ingredients to come up with something beautiful.
This week's burger is:
A well seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty
Cream Cheese
Jalapeno Pepers
Applewood-smoked Double Thick Bacon

That's about it amigos. Have a great week, and remember sign up for the Burger Love party. It's a lot more fun than being a Tea Bag.

V & A

Monday, March 22, 2010

Springtime for Burger Lovers

Spring arrived in glorious fashion last week. With one day better than the next it was tough to believe that we'd be back in the 50's this week. What a tease...but it was still nice to realize that the Hell that was this Winter is finally over...we hope.

This past glorious weather week also gave us some insight into the hunger you've all been experiencing this winter for some Burger Love. You came out in droves. We were especially happy to see the folks in Tribeca, our Home area, coming out in large numbers. We were hoping that you hadnt grown weary of us over the last few months or had forgotten about us due to our February hiatus, but neither proved the case. You were all missing our Burger Love and its so cool to see all of you.

This week were keeping the same schedule, with Wednesday still continuing to be our day of uncertainty. We still feel a bit uneasy about Midtown West in the 50's after our run in there with the man in Blue two weeks ago. And truth be told our first foray into Midtown East proved a bit disappointing (certainly a pale shadow of the welcome we received in Midtown West). So we're not sure. We might return to Midtown East and see if having a week to spread the word will result in more people coming out or perhaps try a different spot in Midtown West other than the 50s or perhaps we'll end up somewhere else entirely. Anyway, here's our sched for the week.

Mon & Thurs - Broad St & Water St. in Financial District
Tues & Fri - Greenwich St. & Chambers St. in Tribeca
Wed - More than likely we'll be in Midtown. Keep an eye on Twitter for exact location
Dinner Service - 3:30 - 7:30 in Tribeca. Keep an eye on Twitter for exact location

Our Burger of the Week last week, The Ploughman, proved so popular with so many of you, that we're bringing it back for an encore this week. For those that don't know, The Ploughman is:
A well seasoned Grassfed Angus patty
Topped with Cheddar & Gruyere cheese
With Cole Slaw & Savory Onion Jam

Think that's about it for now. Gotta go. Time to make the Burgers

V & A

Monday, March 15, 2010

Howdy Burger Lovers!!!

Wow, what a week we had!!! I think this might have been our best week ever. And of course, it's all thanks to you.

THe highlight of the week was our trip to Midtown this past Wednesday. We'll post pics later, but WOW!!!! Midtown must have been super hungry for some real Burger Love. Judging by the 30+ deep lines for the entire time we were there and the comments we saw many of you leave later, noone minded waiting and everyone came away full and satisfied. The day, however, ended in a very bittersweet manner. Johnny Law came by (we thought he was stopping by for our legendary Oinker Burger of the Week ;) but that was not the case). He told us, that despite the fact that food trucks park in that EXACT spot on other days without any incident and throughout the neighborhood, that there was a statute forbidding vending from metered parking and threatened us with a summons and towing if we return. I know, I know, I can hear your hearts dropping, I can hear you saying "Was last week's Burger Love just a tease, was it a Burger Dream". No Burger Lovers, it was real, and it's coming back. We're just not sure where. We're going to investigate the validity of this statute and we're going to find a different location. Probably Midtown East. Just keep an eye on our Twitter our daily schedule, weekly specials, and other Burger Love stuff.

This week we're keeping the same schedule as last week:
Mon & Thurs - Broad & Water Street in Financial District
Tues & Fri - Greenwich & Chambers in Tribeca
Wed - We'll be back in Midtown. Keep an eye on Twitter for our location
Dinner Service - 3:30 - 7:30 in Tribeca. Keep an eye on Twitter for our location

This week's Burger of the Week is The Ploughman
A well-seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty
Topped with Cheddar & Gruyere Cheese
With Cole Slaw & Savory Onion Jam

As with all out Burgers of the Week it's mighty fine.

That's about it for now. We hope you have a great week and make it even better with a little Burger Love

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Week That Was, The Week That Will Be & The Poll

Howdy All!!!

Man oh man was it great to be back this week. We were totally psyched to get back to work. Now I know what Derek Jeter feels like in the off-season. Chomping at the bit!!!

It was super to be back in Tribeca. All the folks who've been going through Burger Love withdrawal for the last month were very happy to see us, just like we were very happy to see all of them.

It was also extremely great to get such a wonderful welcome from our friends in the Financial District. You guys totally loved us and that was a wonderful feeling. We were there Wed & Thurs and we were seeing quite a few of you come back on Thurs for some Burger Love repeat. Burger Love addiction, it's a wonderful thing!!

This past week we were also experimenting with our Burger meat blend. The Burgers we had before our absence were great, but we found the meat blend to be ground a little fine, and many of you were also commenting that by the time you got your Burger Love back to work, they were a bit overcooked. We've addressed both of those issues. We are now grinding the meat a bit more coarse. This not only gives the Burger a more meatier taste, which is a very good thing, but also because the previous fine ground was resulting in a very tight patty which continued to cook rapidly while in bag on its way back to work with you, the coarser ground does not cook as fast and results in the patty still being at medium to medium-rare by the time you arrive salivating back at your desk. We've asked a couple of our regulars if they've noticed a difference, and they have confirmed the above results.

So what have we got planned for next week? We're bringing back the Legendary Oinker as Burger of the Week. We also are posting our Weekly Schedule below:

Monday: Broad St & Water St. in Financial District
Tuesday: Greenwich St & Chambers St in Tribeca
Wednesday: TBA (we're not sure yet. Might be Midtown or 20s on Park Ave)
Thursday: Broad St & Water St in Financial District
Friday: Greenwich St & Chambers St in Tribeca
Dinner: We'll be in Tribeca for Dinner everyday. Either at Greenwich & Chambers or West Broadway & Chambers from 3:30pm - 7:30pm

Now that we're spreading our Burger Love from 'hood to 'hood, you can tell all your friends about us. Tell them all to look for us and to follow us on Twitter

And now, lastly, we gotta ask for a little favor. A one-click favor. There's a poll being conducted now for NYC's Best Street Food. We found out about this waaaaay late, but even as a late entry, after only two days, thanks to you, our rabid fans of Burger Love, we are in second place!!!! How kick ass is that, but at the same time, how unsatisfying. We wanna win!!! We know you want us to win! We can't do it without you! It just takes one click! That's it. Takes a second. Please give us your click!!

Well that's about it for now. The sun's shining and it's a beautiful Sunday. Have a great one Burger Lovers and we'll see you next week.

V & A