Monday, January 25, 2010

Say Hello to My Little Friend

I don't know whether it's because I recently spent some time in Miami or because I watched Al Pacino's Scarface again this weekend for the 1000th time, but definitely feeling the Havana sun and being inspired by it. So to quote Tony Montana (your and my favorite most misunderstood psychotic drug dealer) "Say Hello to My Little Friend". Here's our Burger of the Week.

El Cubano Burger
Neiman Ranch Seasoned Pork Patty (Yep, we sure love the Pig)
Rosemary Ham
Gruyere Cheese
Secret Sassy Sauce

It will rock your world!!!! It might even send you off on psychotic murdering rampage (assuming your friend just had his hand cut off in the shower)...but maybe not.

Also wanted to let you know that we are taking delivery of the Frites'N'Meats Cycle and our delivery area will be expanding very soon. We hope to be able to provide all you Burger impoverished Financial District denizens with some killer Burger love very soon.

In the mean time, we'd love to hear from you. Love to get feedback. Shoot us an email, let us know what you think.

Have a great week. Don't forget, a Burger a Day keeps the vegetarians away.

V & A

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