Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year Burger Lovers!

Howdy All,

Wanted to wish all our fellow carnivores a very Happy 2010. May your burgers always be tasty, juicy and cooked to perfection. May your fries always be crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and accompanied by fabulous dipping sauces. I guess what I'm saying is may your 2010 be a Frites'N'Meats year ;)

We're kicking it off with a Burger of the Week inspired by the flavors of Little Havana in Miami. I was lucky enough to spend some time there over the holidays and the flavors, music, and people all about a good time. So we wanted to put all that into a Burger. We came up with The Havana Mama. It's a wonderful blend of Nieman Ranch ground pork & spicy Chorizo sausage, topped with Brie cheese & smoky Chipotle sauce. It's got heat, it's got spice, it's sexy, it's Havana!!! We hope you'll swing by and grab one or give us a shout and we'll come a'runnin'.

Speaking of us runnin', just wanted to remind y'all that we do deliver. Our delivery area is bordered to the North by Hubert Street, to the South by Park Place, to the East by Church Street, and to the West by the West Side Highway. Right now our delivery area is a little small because we do all deliveries on foot, but by the end of the month we'll have the Frites'N'Meats cycle out on the road and we'll be expanding our deliveries to the Financial District and other points North, East, & West. Just give us a shout at 917.292.9226

We also wanted to ask if you have a second to please post a review of your Frites'N'Meats experience on sites like Yelp, MenuPages and such. We know we have a lot of fans, and you always come up to the truck and tell us how much you like our vittles, but it seems that good news is told face to face (which we appreciate immensely) but bad news is transmitted to the world. Well we'd like to have it be a bit more balanced. So whether it's good or bad, throw it up there for all the world to see. Either way we appreciate the feedback and learn from it.

Have a great week. Stay warm. Eat a Burger.

V & A

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