Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Month That Was, Weekends, The Vendys & Who Owns the Streets

Howdy Burger Lovers,

WOW!!!! We had an AMAZING April!!!! Our best month so far, and of course we owe it all to you and your impecable taste in Burgers :) Thank you for showering us with Burger Love everyday, rain or shine! We truly appreciate it and promise to always keep our standards of quality and service befitting you, our Burgerific fans.

This upcoming weekend, May 8 - 9, we will be inaugurating Weekend Burger Love! Many of you have asked about it, and we had to work out some logistical issues, but now we're ready to spread Burger Love 7 days a week! We would love to get suggestions from you as to where we should go. Folks who suggest the neighborhood we pick get some free Burger Lovin'! Send your suggestions to us through Twitter at, or via email to or by posting them as comments here.

The Vendys, the Oscars of food for the real New York, are open for nominations. Here's your chance Burger Lovers to be heard loud and strong. Just go to and fill out the little form. Thank you very much!

Before we get to the weekly schedule & Burger of the Week, we wanted to use this blog for its true intent - communicating, asking questions, voicing frustrations, just asking "Why is this like this?"

There are two types of street food vendors in NYC. The old timers (guys whove been doing this for decades and park their cart in the same location everyday, and, like us, the new guys (mostly truck operators who daily move from location to location everyday). We, at Frites'N'Meats, are pretty much live and let live people. We have no interest in interfering with others, disrespecting others or foisting our beliefs or ways of doing things on others. We believe that it's not cool to go to a spot that a person has occupied everyday for years and essentially force them out for your benefit, but we do not think that just because you occupy a certain spot one day a week that you somehow "own" that spot the other days that youre not there. We do not believe that anyone who parks in a space one day a week, has the right to demand that someone who is there on a day they are not, leave that spot because they feel that their day no longer works and want to use your day. I know that sounds a little confusing, so let me provide an example without using names.

We used to park on Water & Broad in FiDi on Mondays, while another truck parked there Tuesdays. Then one day, due to their decreasing sales, the owner of the other truck came to us and said "I have to change my spots around. I want to be in that spot on Monday, you have to leave!" They then proceeded to tell us that they had the right to kick us out since they "owned" that spot because they had been coming there one day a week for 6 months. We told them that that didn't seem right as these are public streets and anyone is allowed to be there. Our reasonable comments upset this vendor greatly who then proceeded to start shouting and threatening to physically assault us.

We understand that business is business, but making violent threats as well as claiming "ownership" of something that is clearly public and does not belong to anyone but the city is a bit over the top. This is especially difficult to comprehend since when we thought of parking on Water & Broad we informed this particular vendor that we would be doing that. At that time they had no issue with that, nor did they make any conditions on our being able to do so.

Anyway, just wanted to express that and give you a bit of a glimpse in the "seedy underbelly" of the street food business. It ain't as glamorous as it appears ;)

Back to the fun stuff.

This week's sched for the remainder of the week is:
Tues - 52nd St & Park Ave (Midtown East)
Wed - 48th St & 6th Ave (Midtown West)
Thur - Water & Broad (FiDi)
Fri - Park Ave bet. 26th & 27th St (NoMaD)
Sat - TBD (let us know where we should be)
Sun - TBD (let us know where we should be)

The Burger of the Week this week is the El Cubano!
A Seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty
Rosemary Ham
Gruyere Cheese
Sassy Secret Sauce

Also gotta tell you about the dessert we're packing this week. It is F***ing Amazing!!!! Cherry Walnut Brioche Bread Pudding with Godiva Liquor & Vanilla Cream Sauce! 'Nuff said, know what we're sayin'

And least but definitely not least, our Weekly Twitter Free Lunch Winner is Doug Cordes!!!

Have a great week everyone,and make sure to make it better with some Burger Love!!!

V & A

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