Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

Howdy All,

For most of us Monday is the least favorite day of the week. The start of the work week, end of the weekend. No fun. For us its a bit different. Since we ran out of food on Friday, we've been thinking about Monday.

Last week, a bit nervously (after all it was only our second week), we started taking phone orders for pick up, and started staying open into the dinner hours. Wow, was the response great!!! Each day more and more of you decided no to stand out in the chill and drizzle, but to just give us a call and swing by 15 mins later to scoop up your chow. No muss, no fuss. And many of you were smiling when you saw us in the evening. We like to see you smiling after a long day. Especially if we can play a part in that.

So what have we got coming up this week? Some more exciting stuff, thats what.

First, we're staring our Burger of the Week. We though long and hard about what our first burger of the week should be. We wanted it to be something very different from what we have on the menu, not just a different combination of the items we already have. So this week's Burger of the Week is:

Seasoned Ground Lamb, Goat Cheese, & Port-soaked Figs.

"What?!?!?" you say, "That sounds very weird", you say. Yes, that may be true, but we guarantee you, this will be the best burger youve had in a long long time.

Ok, so we came up with the Burger, but what do we call it? We originally were thinking Mediteranean Burger, but thats pretty lame. So we figured we'd let you name it. Send us an email to, put Burger Name in the Subject and tell us what you'd call this bit of fabulousness. We want to pay homage to the Mysterious & Charismatic FM. We want to keep it with the Superhero theme gracing our truck.

Person who submits the winning entry, not only gets our undying gratitude, but will also receive some super cook Frites'N'Meats gear.

Lets hear it Burger fans!!! What are we gonna call this puppy?

Oh yeah, we've also got more stuff planned, but we're keeping it a secret...for a little bit

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