Sunday, November 29, 2009

Put Down That Drumstick

Alrighty then, time to end that weekend fling, that temporary dalliance. Time to see that over-dressed, over-stuffed hussy for what she is --- a no good, home wrecking gobbler. Time to return to your true love, to your comfort. You know what we're talking about. It's time to have a Burger ;)

And this week we've got a beauty for our Burger of the Week. We didn't roll it out last week, because it was a short week, and this baby needs a full week of adoring consumption. For your dining pleasure, may we introduce The Moroccan Merguez Burger. A beautiful patty of spicy Moroccan merguez served with a Harissa Goat Cheese Yogurt & Roasted Red Pepper Relish on your choice of Balthazar bun. My my my. I'm taking bets that those that have one, will be back for another before the week is out.

The weather is telling us its Soup Time. Not to brag, but we make some really really good soups. We'll be rolling these out midweek or so.

The lovely Lena, she of the fabulous home made desserts, has been convinced to make her absolutely Insane Brownies. We are most excited about this development.

Just to remind you we're also doing delivery. Its a relatively small area to start, but we're hoping to expand it once we feel confident that you're getting your vittles nice and warm and you're not waiting for them for a long time. Our delivery area is bordered to the North by Hubert Street, to the South by Park Place, to the East by Church Street, and to the West by the West Side Highway. Just give us a shout at 917.292.9226 and you'll be chomping on a killer burger and some tasty frites in no time flat.

We wish all a great week and hope you'll have a chance to visit with us,

All the best.

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